The wedding present : something left behind

In 2018 I finished my feature-length directorial debut; the music documentary Something Left Behind. The film’s theatrical premiere was in Toronto, Canada in March 2018. It went on to play at select cinemas across the UK and at film festivals including the Leeds International Film Festival, In-Edit International Music Documentary Festival (Barcelona), Doc’n Roll Film Festival (London) and the Cork Film Festival. It continues to screen across the UK in 2019.

The definitive story of a record that has been labelled the “greatest break-up album of all time”. 

'Something Left Behind' explores music, obsession, love, loss and fading youth over the 30 year lifespan of The Wedding Present’s much-heralded debut LP and features interviews with all four original band members, key players in the record’s history plus the major influence behind its very existence.
It also acts as a love letter to the UK indie scene of the 1980s and shines new light on the influence of legendary DJ John Peel, who championed the band from their earliest days.

The story concludes with the band’s homecoming show in Leeds, where the city witnessed a blistering and emotional final-ever performance of the ‘George Best’ album and the closing of a hugely significant and personal chapter for David Gedge and The Wedding Present.
Dir. Andrew Jezard, 2018, UK, 87mins.

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