This year I am directing and shooting a feature length music documentary about indie music legends 'The Wedding Present'. It tells the story of their debut album 'George Best' as it reaches the 30th anniversary of its release.

The film has its own dedicated website at:


A new feature documentary from KneejerkFilm: "Something Left Behind" tells the story of The Wedding Present's much-heralded 1987 debut album, 'George Best'.

Directed by Andrew Jezard this documentary will explore the 30 year lifespan of a record that has come to define youth in the minds of so many for whom those days are long since past.

Since attending the 20th anniversary 'George Best' tour this documentary has been in the mind of the director. The 30 year tour and the statement from the band that this will be the last ever time that 'George Best' is performed live provided the perfect opportunity to finally tell this story...

"At the ULU gig in 2007 that featured the album in full I was amazed by the fan-base who very clearly had  been there the first time round in 1987 and, seemingly for one night only, were transported back to their youth.

The album itself with its everyday, extremely relatable lyrics about the breakdown of a relationship make it almost impossible to listen to  without allowing feelings of loss, regret or nostalgia to creep in.

With the passing of time it seems to serve as a direct link to a part of people that has maybe gone but certainly not been forgotten during the intervening years and I now include myself amongst those compelled by it in this way."
Andrew Jezard

Filming commences...

Whilst various pre-production tasks still continue apace, principal photography began in earnest this week. The first two interviews that will form part of the documentary were filmed on the 5th and 6th of March with 'George Best' era drummer Shaun Charman and David Gedge.

In addition to directing this feature documentary I was on duty as Director of Photography for these interviews working alongside camera operators James Van Vliet and Ed Inglis.

This small selection of photos will help set the scene. First up was Shaun Charman filmed at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton...

Shaun Charman Interview

Shaun Charman - Behind the scenes

Next was David Gedge filmed in the main auditorium at The Dome in Worthing...

David Gedge Interview

David Gedge - Behind the scenes

David Gedge - Behind the scenes

I was there

As part of the research into this documentary I am interested in speaking with (and potentially interviewing) people who attended one of the gigs from the original George Best promotional tour...

If you would be interested in participating, please contact me through this website (email: with a short recollection of the gig and what the album meant to you then... Has it stayed with you over the years? Is it still just as important to you today?

The focus is very much on the George Best album and music itself and I/ we would equally like to hear from people who have a special connection with the album, a particular fond memory of it or who still love it to this day.

We will be contacting people with further questions and/ or arranging full interviews if necessary. If you do not hear back, apologies but we are very grateful to anyone who takes part.

Check back here for continuing updates on the documentary as it progresses...


8th - Stirling University
9th - Edinburgh University
10th - Glasgow College of technology
12th - Manchester West Indian Centre
13th - Liverpool Polytechnic
14th - Southend, The Reids (CANCELLED)
15th - Portsmouth Basins
16th - London ULU
20th - Birmingham Burberries
21st - Nottingham Barracuda

New music documentary

In 2017 I am directing a music documentary with celebrated indie stalwarts, 'The Wedding Present'.

The documentary is scheduled for release in October 2017 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the band's much-heralded debut album "George Best", which was released in the UK on October 12th 1987.

It is a project I am very excited to be involved with and will be using this space to post updates as work continues to produce the final film.

Whilst the final title remains under wraps, filmmaking will continue with the working title of 'GB30'. More details will be provided in due course but for now I leave you with the words of legendary DJ John Peel and his thoughts on lead singer David Gedge:

"The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the 'Rock 'n' Roll' era. You may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong."